Leather Sofa Repair

We offer leather sofa repair services to cover every eventuality including damage from scratches and scuffing, rips and tears, burns and leather cracking.

We can provide full restoration, panel replacement and re-stitching and can remove stains, repair holes and restore your sofa to pristine condition through part or full colour restoration.

Modern furniture is not built to the same high standards that it used to be. Vinyl is often used in place of leather, and where leather is used it is often inferior quality split hide. Poor quality timber and foam are also often employed to reduce costs.

Buying a new replacement leather sofa built to the same high standards as your existing sofa could cost between 5 -10 times the original purchase cost. It makes sense to consider leather sofa repair by Crawford Hunter Upholstery.

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Leather Sofa Repair by Crawford Hunter Upholstery



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